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How To Get 360 Waves with Silky Durags - A history

How To Get 360 Waves with Silky Durags - A history

Over the years, durags have become an iconic fashion essential and a particular type of headgear. However, do you know they play an essential role in cultural traditions as well? In the beginning, this headgear mainly was worn by African-Americans as a fashion, but it has now become a symbol of the "Black Power Movement". In addition to being a fashion accessory, they are also very stylish and can be worn by both men and women. Read on to find out how fashionable durags can make you look trendy.


As for the topic of this article, we will first discuss how drag can be used to add style to your hair, and then we will explain how you can get 360-degree waves with drag. 


What is a Durag?


A durag is a bandana or cap made of cloth, and it is tied behind the head or below the nape of the neck. Many of them have long tails that hang over their backs, and there are many different designs and colours available.


Durags, also known as do-rags, are hair accessories designed to hold your hair in place. Most people believe that durags are simply fashioned statements, but durags are also beneficial for various reasons.



What Does a Durag Symbolise?


There is a perception that this wave cap is gangster or thuggish. A negative image of black Americans is portrayed as more of gangsters rather than decent people loosely and falsely related to durags. Nonetheless, these crude and criminal labels are losing their essence as durags are being embraced as an artistic expression of black culture.


In art, music, and fashion, durags have become synonymous with diaspora and divinity. Symbolizing self-expression and identity, it is also a symbol of freedom. Being a black tribe symbol, wearing one can give you a sense of pride.




How You Can Style Your Hair With Fashionable Durags


Maintaining 360 Waves


Probably the top reason behind the popularity of durags is because of this factor. To achieve a wave pattern on the scalp, the hair must be trained to lie flat on the head while using these unique pieces of clothing. Human hair grows outward by nature. As a result, it often becomes feral and challenging to maintain. The Durarag is the solution to this issue.


Durags provide compression, preventing frizz and allowing the hair to lay flat against your head. If you wear a durag regularly, it can keep your hair growing flat and maintain your beautiful waves. You can collect a desirable durag from Crown Limited Supply.


Improve Your Hair Quality for a Stylish Look


The use of fashionable durag ensures a hot look and helps to improve the quality of hair tremendously. Using a durag to control curly, dry hair while you sleep can naturally control the frizz without using toxic products. Furthermore, wearing anime durag when you sleep will reduce friction between your pillow and hair, reduce the likelihood of your hair becoming brittle, and prevent the accumulation of frizz. Furthermore, wear a durag to lock in the moisture and natural oils of your hair so that you can enjoy healthy and shiny hair.



Straighten Your Rough Hair And Provide a Decent Hairstyle


Among the young generation, durag has become a fashion statement. Wearing a durag is suitable for those who have coarse hair texture and want neat, straight hair. The process of chemically straightening hair is a popular option, but it can permanently damage your hair, making it dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Using a durag to straighten your hair naturally can prevent it from being damaged by heat or chemicals. Even if your hair looks neat, glossy, and straight, you just need to apply some moisturizing oil and tie your durag tightly to have a stylish look.


Maintain The Natural Moisture of Your Hair


Styles are challenging to achieve on damaged, brittle hair. It is crucial to treat it often to regain moisture since African hair loses moisture faster than Caucasian or Asian hair with waves. To maintain healthy hair, you must moisturize every day.


You can use a fashionable durag to trap moisture after moisturizing. It will provide a stylish look while maintaining your hair. There are much more stylish durag available in the market, like multicolour or cartoon durag.


Protects Your Hairstyle


Several celebrities style themselves in durag. If you follow their fashion style, you will get a similar look and be able to protect your hairstyle. Wearing your durag frequently and knowing how to wear it correctly will quickly keep your braids from becoming rough because it will keep your waves nice and smooth. The braids or twists will be kept in place, and you will not see any stray hairs coming out.



Improves Hair Texture


As with a soft bonnet, a wave cap can also help you retain moisture in your hair. Wearing a du-rag when you apply oil or cream to your hair will prolong the presence of moisture in your hair. Eventually, this will help improve your hair texture and make it healthier and more fashionable.


Keeping Braids In Good Shape


It's become increasingly popular to wear your hair in braids among men and women, and more and more people are wearing their hair in braids these days. Many of these people face a common problem: stray hairs escape during sleep, ruining their neat look. In addition to wearing a durag to prevent hair from becoming scrumpy while sleeping, friction can also cause the braids to become messy. Keeping your hair neat and glossy for longer is made more accessible by this braid technique that prevents stray hair from falling out. Maintaining a perfect look is made easier with the hair tie.



Soak up Sweat


Particularly for people who are living in warmer climates, wearing durags can be very attractive and beneficial. Durags come in handy when the temperature starts to rise, and sweat becomes a problem. They absorb sweat buildup in the scalp and keep you cool. In addition, it helps to keep sweat out of the eyes, preventing any irritation that occurs due to sweat getting into them.




How To Get 360 Waves


With 360 waves, you are training your hair to fall in a wavy curl pattern. In 360 waves, when your hair begins to grow, make sure it grows flat against your head instead of growing outward. You can quickly achieve this through wearing a durag. For 360 to be accelerated, it is vital to find the right type of durag. Each brushing session should end with a durag. You also need to wear a durag to sleep every night. It is vital to use durags to lay your hair down and train it to curl up, as well as to protect it. Keeping your hair moist and thus holding the progress made from each brushing session is the key to protecting your waves while sleeping. Here is the process you should follow to get 360 waves.




Clean The Slate


To get this process started properly, you need to start from scratch. You need to make sure your hair follicles are fresh and impressionable. Although it is not recommended to go bald, you should visit your nearest barber and request a very low, level-1 trim.


Start Brushing


The most crucial part of getting waves is brushing. Use a softer brush during your low-cut moments, use a softer brush, and once the cut has grown longer, you need to use a more rigid brush. Now, use a good medium brush if you're just getting into the wave game.




A lot of guys go wrong in this particular matter. Firstly, brushing can be hard on your follicles. So make sure you nourish your scalp as you're training your hair to lay down. In addition to petroleum, other ingredients found in pomades are commonly known as chemicals, like ethanol. It has been known that petroleum can clog your pores and stop your hair from growing. It's crucial to find a moisturizer or branded pomade that is natural. 


Make sure you don't over-moisturize your hair by using too much cream. Moisturize your hair no more than twice a week, a maximum of three times a week, depending on its condition.


Purchase a Durag


The durag is another essential tool in the waving process. This tool helps maintain the position of your hair overnight. Your scalp will also stay moisturized. In unforgiving environments, especially while sleeping, your wave progress will be swept away if you don't protect it. In addition to retaining moisture, durags break less easily. You should at least wrap your head in satin if you are going to cover it for 6-8 hours a day. A silky durag can help to keep your hair texture.


Keep it Clean


There is no doubt that you need to wash your waves. However, you should not wash your hair too frequently, since shampoos strip your body of the essential oils that it produces. Try to reduce your hair-washing cycle to once every two weeks. Be sure to use conditioner as well. Alternatively, consider co-washing. When you co-wash, you only use conditioner. By cleaning your hair with this product, you will help remove dirt, grime, and product buildup, without completely stripping your hair of the essential oils that keep it healthy and strong.


After washing, make sure to moisturize as soon as possible. The secret to taming your hair is brushing it in the shower when it is softest. Whichever durag you go with, make sure to use it on a regular basis. A durag is designed to record the progress you make during brush sessions. Hence, brush sessions are the best way to maintain your results with a durag assisting your journey. Without using a durag, getting 360 waves would take multiple months or years.



How To Wear a Durag?


It is first necessary to know how to tie a durag before you can wear it. If you don't know how to wear a durag, you can check the guide. Here are the steps for tying a durag:



Pick Your Durag


The first thing you need to do is choose a wave cap. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and colours. If you tie one to your hair, you can choose one made from stretchy fabrics, making it more breathable.



Placing It On Your Head


While wearing a durag, you need to make sure the centre seam of the head tie is on the same line as the centre of your head. The front edge should stay between your hairline and your eyebrows. This means that it should cover your hairline. You don't have to worry about sticking out your sideburns if you have them.


Tie At The Back of Your Head


You should have one tie in each hand. Pull both ties backwards at the back of your head so they create an "X" shape. You should keep this in mind, so the ties don't rest on your ears while doing this.


Cross Ties in Front of Your Head


You can do this by wrapping them around the centre of your forehead again to ensure the ties remain crossed at the back. Don't forget to avoid getting headaches by not pulling too tight.


Tie Into a Knot


As though you were tying a shoelace, you need to tie the ties into a knot. As you tie this knot, make sure it sits at the base of your skull.


Pull Down The Flap


When you wrap the flap into a knot, you'll notice that it droops down your neck underneath the ties. Now, it needs to pull down the flap of the durag as if you were trying to reach your back to tighten it. Try to do this gently so that you don't ruin what you have already tied.


Do Not Pull It Down If You Want to Keep It Up


Now, tie the flap into a knot and tuck it into the ties if you don't want it to hang down your neck. If the flap is long enough, tuck it in and hide the edges of the flap inside the ties. This will cause a bump where the knot was tucked.




Although durags have experienced controversy in their history, these are still excellent for exercising or participating in other athletic activities. A durag will keep long hair out of the way when you're moving. Another advantage of durags is that they can absorb some sweat from your forehead. A durag is an excellent workout accessory for people who get sweaty in their eyes, which can leave them irritated. A durag's functionality goes beyond simply adding function to an outfit: it's stylish too. 

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