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Most Iconic Hairstyles In Anime

Most Iconic Hairstyles In Anime

Anime characters are known for their unique and often exaggerated hairstyles. Over the years, certain anime hairstyles have become so popular and recognizable that they're considered iconic to the genre. As an anime fan myself, I love discussing the coolest anime hair and why these styles are so memorable.

In this blog post, I'll be counting down some of the most iconic hairstyles in anime history. We'll explore what makes them stand out and their influence on anime fandom and beyond. Whether you're a diehard otaku or just anime-curious, read on for the animated hair inspiration!

Spiky Hair

No list of iconic anime hair would be complete without those gravity-defying spiky styles. Characters like Naruto Uzumaki from the hit series Naruto showcase hair that sticks straight up in spikes or points, often with bold highlights as well.

This punk rock-inspired look contrasts with the often soft facial features of anime characters. It gives personalities like Naruto an edgy, high-energy look that matches their rambunctious attitudes. Fans have tried using ample hair gel to recreate the spiky anime look in real life. For more casual cosplay, check out Crown's water-based pomade for light hold with shine.

Sailor Moon's Odango Hairstyle

With her signature blonde odango buns and impossibly long pigtails, Sailor Moon is one of the most recognizable anime heroines ever.


This bubbly magical girl's unique twin bun hairstyle resembles dumplings (which "odango" means in Japanese). The sculpted shape gives her a cute yet strong look, like rabbit ears or even a crescent moon. It's a testament to the odango hairstyle's popularity that it's become synonymous with Sailor Moon herself.

Recreating those smooth domed buns takes some styling skill. For added volume, try wrapping hair in Crown's satin hair wrap before bed. The smooth satin preserves your hairstyle as you sleep.

Spiraling Drills

For giant curled locks wound into springs or spirals, look to characters like Mako Mankanshoku from Kill la Kill. Her comical exaggerated corkscrew curls bounce and boing with her movements.

Spiral curls have been an anime hair staple since the 1980s. They add volume and personality, often on energetic girl characters. The sheer height and curl of drills like Mako's lend an element of fantasy. For curly-haired anime fans, try defining curls with Crown's curl sponge brush for bounce and shine.

Choppy Layers

Not all iconic anime hairstyles are long and elaborate. Many feature shorter, layered cuts that add movement and attitude. Characters like Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School Host Club rock short choppy layers that frame the face.

These messy but chic styles have a carefree vibe that matches Haruhi's practical personality. The varied layers also flutter nicely during action sequences. For recreating the lived-in look of choppy anime hair, Crown's wave comb and brush set is ideal. Brush curls in different directions and finish with light pomade.

Bold Bangs

Lots of anime characters sport short, thick bangs dramatically framing the face. Examples include Hinata Hyuga (Naruto) with her dark blunt bangs, and Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) with curvy side-swept bangs.

The bold forehead fringe lends itself to dynamic hair flips during passionate moments. It also draws focus to characters' expressive eyes. For cosplaying characters with blunt bangs, Crown's wave brushes can help sweep and train hair. Finish with pomade for defined texture.

Wild Colors

Vibrant, unnatural hair colors are an anime staple that signal a character's energy and personality. Spiky blue hair on protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach pairs with his Soul Reaper spirit powers. Pink drills distinguish Mew Pudding from Tokyo Mew Mew's magical girl squad.

These colorful locks make the characters pop visually. They also match the fantasy vibe of many anime stories. Although tricky to recreate safely, vivid anime-inspired colors are popular for costumes and cosplay wigs. For adding temporary color to natural hair, seek professional help.

Style Inspiration Beyond Anime

Many anime hairstyle tropes have impacted style and fashion worldwide. As anime itself goes more mainstream, its influence grows. Let's explore how iconic anime hair continues to inspire.

Cosplay and Costuming

Anime cosplay revolves heavily around recreating characters' distinctive looks from wigs to costumes. The most popular characters' hairstyles remain go-to inspiration for cosplayers.

Events like Comic Con see countless Sailor Moons sporting odango buns or Narutos with gelled yellow spikes. Accurately styled wigs or even elaborate styling of one's own hair completes the transformation. Watching cosplayers reconstruct iconic styles shows devotion!

Harajuku Street Fashion

In Tokyo's Harajuku district, experimental street fashion draws inspiration from anime and manga styles. Bold prints, mix-and-match colors, and spiked or curled statement hair defines the look.

The kawaii "cute" vibes also emulate anime. Overall, Harajuku style celebrates originality and fantasizes anime hair looks to wearable art. For fashion-forward texture, Crown's pomade and wave brush kit helps create anime flair.

Visual Kei Music

Visual kei is a music scene centered in Japan where bands have elaborately styled looks as part of the performance. Hairstyles and makeup nod to anime characters, with airy spikes, long silver locks, bright colors, and more.

Visual kei vocals also use emotional anime voice techniques. For musicians and fans, the total anime aesthetic becomes an expressive art form. Use Crown's brushes and durags to train your hair up into glamorous anime-inspired styles.

Video Game Avatars

Iconic anime hair even inspires digital style! Many players create avatars sporting bright spiky, curly, or wildly hued locks.

Game systems like Nintendo Wii let you select whacky anime hair in different colors to match your personality. Games also include anime costume options as upgrades. It's a chance to role-play an anime character, at least visually. Next time you play, unleash that inner anime protagonist!


From odango buns to drill curls, iconic anime hair continues influencing pop culture worldwide. The unique exaggeration and visual styles of anime hairstyles lend endless creative inspiration. As anime permeates music, fashion, cosplay, and gaming, these signature coifs keep leading the way.

Which anime hairstyles are your favorite or inspire you most? As an anime fan, I love seeing how these gravity-defying and color-popping locks translate into wearable real-world style. With the right products and practice, anyone can channel their inner anime protagonist. For bouncy texture and staying power, be sure to check out Crown's selection of brushes, durags, wraps, and pomades to unlock your anime hair potential.

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